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Amazing! Prakash Padukone’s Letter To Deepika Is Presently A Lesson In A School Textbook

Letters may appear to be old fashioned in the period of cell phones, yet when it’s a letter by somebody extraordinary, it must make you feel decent. Like, the heartfelt letter composed by badminton champion Mr Prakash Padukone for his girl, Deepika Padukone which she read out in the wake of getting the Best Actress Award at the 61st Filmfare Awards night. Right then and there, Deepika got teary-eyed as she read out a few selections from the great letter composed by her dad.
The letter talks about values of humility, patience and perseverance and narrates and portrays some lovely occurrences from his life to his girls, both Deepika and Anisha. The letter got viral in a flash and even left the school specialists awed. As now, the letter discovers its place as a lesson in a school reading material. Iisn’t that stunning?
A Twitter client shared the news and Deepika was satisfied and glad as she answered, “WOW”.
Here are some excerpts from the letter:
“Dear Deepika, you are in an industry where there is much negativity, but I hope that you are the game-changer in it. If you can live your life without harming anyone, or talking badly about anyone, you can set an example for others. Often you will find people who will lie and say untruths about you, but remember never to retaliate or talk their language. If what they say is untrue, ignore it. And if it is true, use their criticism to improve and transform yourself.
The things that really matter in life are relationships, honesty, and respect for your parents, and elders. Material success is important, not fundamental to happiness and peace of mind. I can’t tell you enough about the rejuvenating power of prayers and a little faith. You know it, of course, because offering prayers is a long-standing tradition in our family… (S)pare a few minutes of your day, even if it is just twenty, to close your eyes and meditate, to think about God and you will see how much that faith in His power will strengthen you.
In the end, when your career is behind you, what remains with you and for you is family, the friends that you have made who will stand by you. Live a life that is healthy, my children, and one that will allow you to live with your own conscience. Everything else is transient. And remember, no matter what, we are always going to be there for you.”
Here’s the entire letter:

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