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Animated Version. Bollywood Stars And Their Cartoon Lookalikes.

Have you ever thought of how famous Bollywood celebs will look as animated cartoon characters? We have seen the famous celebs in different roles and how they enact to be someone they are not. 

No matter how old you are, your love for cartoons never dies. With time the cartoon characters have changed but the love for cartoons remains the same.

Bollywood and cartoons have no connection but we have seen in the past years we have seen Bollywood working on animated movies. They are doing a voice over for the animated characters of the movie.

The appearance of the cartoon characters and the celebrities is so amazing that we could imagine how easily they can fit in the role.

Lets checkout the pics

#1  Irfan and Timon

We found Irfan as one of the bollywood celebs who looks quite similar to character Timon.

#2 Anil Kapoor and Baloo

Anil kapoor’ look in the cap reminds us of the character Baloo from the famous comic show Talespin.

#3  Nargis Fakhri and Donald Duck

No offence, this was shared just for fun.

#4 Arjun Kapoor and Johnny Bravo

From the apperance Johnny was the ideal lookalike of Arjun Kapoor in bollywood.

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