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Bollywood Actresses Caught Adjusting Their Dresses In Public, Are Some Serious Fashion Lessons You Need To Learn!

It is not easy to carry designer dresses; it requires real talent to don them with confidence and not having to undergo a wardrobe malfunction. We have a choice to wear regular and ordinary clothes while stepping out in public but it is not the case with our Bollywood celebs.
They always have to be experimental with their style. But, sometimes they forget the cons of being experimental and only face the consequences after stepping out in public. Here are such incidents when Bollywood celebs faced the negative effect of Experimenting with style.
Note: These image are not curate to defame anyone’s public Image. Images are used to put light on the fact that readers or others should take care of such blunders.

1. Priyanka Chopra


While Priyanka is known to pull off any attire with grace and elan. Here is one such time when poor girl had to ensure her off shoulder dress doesn’t become a cause of embarrassment for her.


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