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Controversial And Vibrant Love Life of Mahesh Bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt has often hogged limelight for his controversies more than his films altogether. A couple of years ago, he was under the scanner for his controversial pictures with Jalebi actress Rhea Chakraborty. During the previous times, he was also in headlines for making absurd statements about his daughter Pooja Bhatt.

Mahesh Bhatt, who was born to a Hindu father and Muslim mother out of wedlock, never saw relationships as we see. He had an altogether different perspective to see the world. Therefore, the controversies.

In this blog, we have summed all the ladies that were a part of Mahesh Bhatt’s controversial love life.

1. Lorraine Bright

Mahesh Bhatt met Lorraine when he was in school. She was catholic and used to study in a Bombay-based orphanage. They fell in love with each other. The director used to visit Lorraine at her orphanage due which he got her expelled. Bhatt even admitted his love for Lorraine in an interview. He said,

“I would jump across the wall to meet her but, when we got caught, she had to leave the orphanage. I got her enrolled at the YWCA so that she could become a typist and fend for herself. All along, I kept working. I made ads for Dalda and Lifebuoy.”

mahesh bhatt love life- Lorraine Bright

He married Lorraine, who changed her name to Kiran. They were just 20 at the time of marriage. The couple had their first child, Pooja Bhatt. When Mahesh Bhatt’s career went downhill, their relationship also failed the test of time. Lorraine and Mahesh parted ways but they never got divorced. He was also said to be having an extra-marital affair with Parveen Babi. Mahesh Bhatt also confessed,

“I was married to Kiran, had a child, and was responsible for both of them. Still, my physical self was drawn to another woman.”

In one of the most controversial news from Bollywood, 80s Filmfare magazine published photo of Mahesh Bhatt, where he lip locked with his daughter Pooja Bhatt. The headline on the Filmfare magazine said,

“If Pooja wasn’t my daughter, I’d have loved to marry her”

mahesh bhatt pooja bhatt kiss

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