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Controversial And Vibrant Love Life of Mahesh Bhatt

3. Soni Razdan

Soni Razdan acted in Mahesh Bhatt’s Saraansh when she met the director. Soon they fell in love when the actress helped him deal with whatever he went through in his married life. Soni and Mahesh kept their relationship a secret because the latter didn’t want any controversy this time.

mahesh bhatt wife Soni Razdan

When Soni’s father questioned his intentions towards his daughter (Soni), Mahesh Bhatt made it clear that he was very serious about her. He told during one of his interviews,

“When I met Soni Razdan, it was like a replay in my life. Soni’s father asked me how I planned to end my ties with Kiran and I said, a “with permanence”. But I would not divorce Kiran.”

He accepted Islam to marry Soni Razdan which allowed him to have two wives. As Ashraf Bhatt, Mahesh had a wedding with Sakina, Soni’s Islamic name. Later the couple hosted a party to announce their wedding. They are now parents to two daughters Shaheen Bhatt and Alia Bhatt.

Mahesh Bhatt Family

Mahesh Bhatt’s life has seen many controversies, heartbreaks and failures. He had three women in his life that shaped him whoever he is today. The director has always been vocal about his relationship with his fans.

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