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Did You Know Siddharth’s Character In Rang De Basanti Was Madly In Love With Soha’s?

From Ajay’s body language, it could be deciphered that he’s seeking Karan’s approval. Ajay possibly knows. After the proposal, it’s Karan who gestures Ajay to put the ring on Sonia’s finger.

He looks at Karan, again and again.

And throughout the song, Karan could be seen smoking one cigarette after another, disinterested in all that’s going on there, and evidently sad.

In an interview, Rakeysh Mehra said, “There was an attraction between Siddharth and Soha. We couldn’t bring it into the forefront because of lack of space. In any case love stories don’t have to have a happy ending. Today’s generation is very mature about love and its end.”

Proving this right, Karan seem very mature about his love for Sonia. He is glad she is with Ajay, he is glad Ajay is someone who deserves her and loves her enough, and these thoughts in Karan are shown towards the end of the same song.

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