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Here’s How Kareena Reacted When She Bumped On To Shahid Kapoor! #RelationshipGoal

Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor were once considered to be among the most beautiful pairs of Bollywood, both Shahid and Kareena used to always openly express their love but it can be a tragic event that Bollywood’s love birds separated from each other. Shahid married with Delhi girl Mira Rajput, then Bebo decided to spend his life with Saif Ali Khan.
Shahid and Kareena were seen together in Punjab after a long time after marriage but both of them did not appear together in any scene even during the promotion of the film, both Shahid and Kareena both ignored each other. But there was a time when the X Love Birds hit each other suddenly during a film awards ceremony. What was the point of all the people who had stopped coming to Shahid and Kareena, they thought that they both looked at each other Will try to escape but nothing like that happened.
In fact, Shahid was pulling a single photograph from the photographer, and then suddenly Karina came in there, Shahid looked towards Kareena and both smiled at seeing each other. It does not end here. Shahid also praised the dress of Kareena, but she also laughed at Shahid and humbly replied to his questions and asked about her daughter Meisha, Shahid also asked for Kareena’s well being.

It was the occasion that the media of Red Carpet did not have any idea that Shahid and Kareena would like to see each other as a good friend. But both Shahid and Kareena have decided that they will keep a friendly attitude with each other.
Source: Filmymantra

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