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Here’s How Much Akshay Kumar’s Bodyguard Earns Every Month According To Information Available On Internet

With the growing threat amidst all of us where shootings and street brawls are turning into a prosaic scene, the necessity of security has increased itself by leaps and bounds.

Especially for celebrities who always find themselves surrounded by fans, possibilities of mishap or malice are exponential and that is why they need security even more.

Spanning from Amitabh Bachchan to Salman Khan, the celebrities have always sported the biggest clique of security behind them and it is their role to protect their boss at all costs, even if it is their life.

Given the fact that these actors are protected by their security guards and under any given circumstance, the security guard will not budge, the celebrities also ensure the fact that in return for the protection that they get, they are paying back an extremely hefty sum back to the ones protecting their life.

Not only it is the salary that seems fascinating enough for a bodyguard to pick up the job of a security, but the perks that come along with it will make anyone’s head turn.

Akshay Kumar, who is deemed as one of the fittest actors of Bollywood, is guarded by Shreyas Thale. Right since the very moment, Akshay steps a foot outside the house, Shreyas’ duty starts. Barring Shreyas, no one else is allowed to come in close quarters with Akshay.

Apart from the celebrity himself, Akshay’s son, Aarav is also given protection by Shreyas. According to reports, Shreyas gets an annual salary of Rs. 1.2 crores. The amount grossly comes to Rs 10 lakhs per month.

In fact, Shreyas has also won several plaudits of fans that also includes Akshay’s fanbase. With tha agility and strength that Shreyas boasts, the duo makes a perfect match, walking through the glittering streets of B-Town.

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