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Here’s The Reason Ekta Kapoor Choose Emraan Hashmi Over THREE Khans Of Bollywood

Although, it came as a surprise when Ekta Kapoor picked Azharuddin to make a movie. We all have seen the great working relationship with Emraan Hashmi and he has been part of many of the movie of her production house that includes Azhar. A news outlet asked about why she choosen Emraan for the role.

ekta-kapoor-azhar-bollywood dadi

She said, “I think Emraan is one of the most amazing actors I have worked with. Bahot ache, umda insaan hai. If anybody with a mass India following could do the role of a controversial yet good hearted cricketer, it would have been one of the Khans or Emraan and so we chose Emraan!

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