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Ishq Vishk Actress Shenaz Treasury, Leaves Bollywood And Follows Her Love.

Bollywood is everyone’s dream. And fulfilling that dream and living it is altogether another experience. Shenaz Treasury started her career in movies and made a really good impact on the audience. Her ‘Ishq Vishk ‘ movie was appreciated and even she enjoyed playing that role.
But they say, if you aren’t happy in what you are doing you will surely be given a different way. In her case the destiny was already written and she was given a way. Post her Bollywood glamour career she chose to be a travel blogger. That’s exactly what she loves to do. She loves to travel, experience various cultures and cuisines, communicate with many and be alone. This path is what she loved and started her career in this from scratch.
Shenaz Treasury has been travelling all coasts and places and has been sincerely posting about all her trips on Instagram. She as a blogger not only talks about the place and educates but also gives amazing fashion style statement. They say that you can never remove Bollywood and glamour from an actress. And that’s true.
Here are the most beautiful shots of the travel blogger Shenaz Treasury :
Beach Bum :


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