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“Kareena Kapoor Is A Classless Spoilt Brat” Fans Speak About Bebo On Quora

3. Kareena finally learnt a lesson

To be honest, it was a nightmare.
So this was in 2014 when I was heading to Bombay from Hong Kong to drop my cousin who is a cute 6 year old.
We guys were done with our luggage and had got the boarding pass. We were waiting at the Cathey Pacific VIP lounge for the call to board-in. Now I did notice Kareena sitting two rows ahead of us with two guys who looked like her security guards. I am neither her fan nor I like to bother random people at airport for selfies.
But my 6 year old cousin saw her and this brat wanted a picture with Kareena. I did try to explain him but he was not gonna back down.
So I went ahead with him and politely explained Kareena, that my cousin was a big fan of her and he wanted to click a picture with her.
She reluctantly said yes and gave an expression as if I asked for her life. Finally I got the picture of her being an expressionless bitch and my cutie cousin. My cousin thanked her and said her bye for which she did not even reply. I was disappointed by her arrogance and decided to give her a piece of my mind. And this how the conversation went ahead.
Me : If you stop being a kiddo and calm down your arrogance, it will be good for you. I hated you initially for your acting skills and now I hate you as a person as well.
Kareena : (Shocked for 15 seconds) How dare you disrespect me? (An angry look at me, her security guards tell me to walk away. They cant touch me as I am a lady)
Me: (With a Smirk) You suck lady, married a guy whose wedding you attended as a kid.
Kareena: (On the verge of crying) : What????
Me: I hope, god gives you some sense.
And I left with a beaming smile, she got what she deserved.
I would never let anyone hurt my little cousin. I am glad for the trash talk I gave her.
She deserved it for being an insensitive bitch.
-Nirisha Agarwal
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