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Meet The First Girlfriend Of Salman Khan, Who She’s Not Sangeeta Bijlani, Here’s All You Like To Know!

Salman’s name is often in the headlines with his alleged girlfriend Mulia Vantur. Well, talk of Salman’s girlfriend, Salman has had many girlfriends before Yuliya. In the Salman biography ‘Being Salman’, Jasim Khan has mentioned about his first girlfriends and the whole story related to them, which is never talked about. Who was he, how did both meet, how different and who was, due to which this relationship broke down even after becoming a relationship. Salman’s first girlfriends have been the nuptials of their superstar …

Shahin Jafri was the first love.
– Shahin is the daughter of superstar Ashok Kumar of the black and white era of Hindi cinema.
– Ashok Kumar’s daughter Bharti married second to Hamid Jafri, brother of film actor Saeed Jafri. Hamid-Bharati had two daughters, Geniv (Advani) and Shahin Jafri.
This love story is of that time when Salman was not a star and was a second-year student at St. Xavier’s college in Mumbai.
In More slides, Read Why Salman used to stand outside Shahin’s college …

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