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Meet The ‘Samrat’ Of Acting, The First Actor Who Take 1 Crore Fee To Work In Movies. Every Director Seems To Be Scared Of Him.

There are some artists in Bollywood who have achieved a status by their ability and strong acting, which can rarely get any tax. The personality of Bollywood actor Nana Patekar is different from all other stars. Their every prediction is different from the rest. Nana, who works in the film, has the ability to hit alone on her own. They never try to look superstar and sometimes do diplomatic things. Nana Patekar is such a big star, but even today he lives with his mother in 1 BHK in Mumbai.

Nana Patekar had directed Pahar film and for that film he had trained 3-year Army officer. Except today’s stars, Nana Patekar was one of the first Bollywood actors of his time who had demanded Rs. 1 crore and at that time the directors were ready to give him so much money.

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