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Movie Scenes That Didn’t Require Any Dialogues.

Bollywood is often criticized for showing their emotions loud. However, some scenes don’t even need dialogues to show the actor’s emotions. There are many scenes in Bollywood movies that are brilliant to watch.

Here we gathered a few compelling scenes from the Bollywood movies that are remarkable, most-watched, and without any verbal dialogues.

Everything is the performance and acting by stars with their emotions. Check out the list of Powerful movie scenes that need no dialogues.

Chak De India when India wins

Chak De India is the story of a player who lost the match and everyone accused him of being a traitor. Later he decided to coach the Indian women Hockey Team.

In the last scene of the movie when India wins, the camera pans around Shah Rukh Khan who was in complete disbelief. No dialogues, only the awesome acting of Shah Rukh Khan.

Masaan when Vicky throws the ring in Ganga

Remember the beautiful scene when Vicky Kaushal’s character was watching the ring thinking about why it happened to him then he throws it in the river.

After a few seconds, he dived into the Ganges to search it out again. The whole scene was very impactful and heart whelming without dialogue.

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