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New Role.Bollywood Actors Who Didn’t get success as a Director.

The Bollywood is integrating and the most obvious example is that a singer tried to act in movies, actors often record their songs.

Since most of the bankable actors became producers these days, it shows that the Bollywood industry is a place where anyone can do anything.

Well, this is not the case with these actors who tried to switch their profession in the industry. Some actors have decided to work behind the camera and failed miserably.

Here we came up with the list of Bollywood actors who failed at directing movies.

1. Deepak Tijori directed Oops 2003

Deepak Tijori has done some impressive works but is often remembered as the sidekick in the movies.

A little later in his life, he decided to switch his career and directed the movie Oops.

The movie was about two male strippers and their life around the city. The movie tanked at the box office and Deepak said he over sexualized the film with too many appealing scenes.

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