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Odd Things.Creative Mistakes in Bollywood movies.

As we all know there are not just heroes and villains in the movie. Most of the creative works in the movies are done behind the cameras and some decisions from the story structure to looks are the creativity by which filmmakers amazed us.

In Bollywood, there are tons of movies in which many creative blunders can be found.

For instance, little you know that the set pieces are the same in all the scenes of Sooraj Barjatya movies. It means the same painting you find in Prem’s house, Prem’s office, Preeti’s house, Sapna’s house, and all the houses you may see. Here, we summoned the list of Bollywood Movies that have creative blunder.

Mausam is lengthy with the extended climax – said by Shahid Kapoor

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The movie is long, no doubt. Still, one thing very confusing about the movie is they don’t know where to end the movie. When they meet at the Gujarat riots it could be the end but they decided to put a little more runtime with Shahid saving a white horse and a child.

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In an interview, Shahid also said the movie flopped because of the long runtime.

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