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OMG! Katrina’s ‘Cheekni Chameli’ Is A Copy Of This Marathi Song!

With the Cheekni Chameli song, Katrina Kaif smiles on the world of Item Songs, but this song was a copy of a Marathi song Kombi Palali.
cikni chameli is copied kombadi palali
Items used to be an item song in a time used to be girls, but giant actresses like Kareena and Katrina took it as a show of their dance talent and item numbers in many films. There is also another advantage to doing item numbers, that is performance at the award functions and private tours. There is a lot of demand for performance on these item numbers. Katrina still offers to item number on Cheekni Chameli songs. But, do you know this song of Agneepath is a Hindi version of the song Kombi Pallali of Marathi film? That’s exactly what you have seen here – nowhere has been heard that, South films are remade in Hindi or Hindi songs are fitted on the songs of their songs, but Cheekni Chameli is the song which is a copy of Marathi songs.
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But it can not be copied because, music directors of Marathi and Hindi songs are the beans Ajay-Atul. These two are known for working in both the industries and making equally great songs in both the languages. Marathi songs are featured superstar Bharat Jadhav and Kranti Redkar. The Marathi film was named after him. The Marathi song was a lot of hit in the song and when Karan Johar wanted an item song for Agneepath, Ajay-Atul presented this song to him who liked Karan very much.

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