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Reasons Salman Khan Break-up With Katrina Kaif, Well Typical Salman Behavior!

Salman Khan is one superstar who has had an image of having affairs all his life. Be it the hottie Sangeeta Bijlani or the very pretty Somy Ali, Salman has always had the sweetness of a relationship in his life. His relationhips have been public and the star has been quite vocal about them as well.
However, one ugly truth of the superstar’s life is that never ever did the relationships turn into a marriage. Salman always broke-up with his girlfriends.
However, one break-up that still hurts the Bhai of Bollywood is with Katrina Kaif. There have been many instances when the Bollywood’s very-much loved expressed his love for the sexy Katrina. It is said that Salman was so serious about Katrina that he was very much eager to marry her. And if we notice, Salman has never entered a relationship after his parting with the Dhoom 3 babe. Salman, as good as we know yet, is still single.
So serious was Salman about Katrina that he had publically shown his feelings about Katrina at Arpita Khan’s wedding, ‘Katrina? Kaif? Kapoor? Mai kya karoon… itna bada chance miss kiya Khan hone ka!”
“But why did the two superstar ended their relationships?” asks fans. We list you the top reasons.

Salman’s dominating nature

Salman is a dominating boyfriend is known to all. Be it Sangeeta or Aishwarya, Salman, at many instances, has forced himself on his girlfriends. And same was the case with Katrina. Reports suggest that Salman always hated Katrina wearing tight and short dresses. Not only that, people from the industry say that Salman used to force his decisions about Katrina’s career as well.

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