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Relationship Of Anushka And Dhoni’s Wife Is Really Old, Read This Interesting Story And See These Old Photos Of Them!

In the reception of Viruska on December 26, former captain MS Dhoni appeared with Wife witness and daughter Jeeva. It is worth mentioning that Dhoni’s wifeand Anushka are childhood friends. They are friends since their school days as they were in same school in Assam. Actually, their friendship came into limelight when Anushka and Sakshi old photos went viral on twitter, when Anushka’s Fan Club tweeted her childhood photo.

The surprise thing for fans was that in this photo Anushka was seen as a witness. After this Anushka, herself disclosed that she and sakshi studied together in childhood. In 2010, Dhoni and Sakshi were married. After this, the sakshi and Anushka met again and sakshi told her that their schooling took place at Assam’s school.

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