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Rimi Sen Shares About Quitting Films, Says Acting For Her Was Just A Job Not A Career: I Had Not Done Anything Memorable

Rimi Sen walked away from the name and fame of Bollywood several years ago despite having been a part of some of the most memorable projects in the 2000s. The actress at 39 now is eyeing her second innings in the industry and has freely spoken about everything that made her quit acting all those years ago.

Talking to Hindustan Times Rimi confessed that despite being in some very popular films she wasn’t happy with the projects coming her way. “I was disappointed as I didn’t get good opportunities, so I quit acting. Back then, I didn’t have any experience nor options as acting was the only job I knew. I tried but nothing worked out. I got disconnected with Bollywood as I had not done anything memorable. Today, I want to explore possibilities and create content,” she told the publication.

Talking about returning to acting the actress said, “I never thought of acting as a career but as a job, and doing one film after another was a matter of survival for me, never about creative satisfaction. I was a money-making machine back then. In this industry, 99.9% luck matters and pr and lobbying solid hai toh you will make it big. Talent sabse peeche hai. Luck favoured me a lot though my pr was bad. I learnt with age and rediscovered myself. I’ve realised what I want in life. It took me ten years to know I want to do better. So, here I am for my second innings in films.”

Rimi was seen in popular films like Awaara Pagal Deewana, Hungama, Dhoom, Gomaal, Thank You and others during her decade long stint in Bollywood.

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