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‘Stree’ is a Biopic of a Witch? Interesting Facts About Bengaluru Witch “Nale Ba”

According to the native people of Bengaluru, a witch used to roam the streets of the city hunting for her prey. The witch used to knock the doors at night and attracted men by calling them out in voices similar to that of the women they loved – mother, wife, sister. When they used to open the door, they subsequently die within the next 24 hours. It created a havoc in the city.


Bothered from this, the locals started finding a solution to stop the atrocity. As shown in the film, Oh Stree Kal Aana they started writing ‘Nale Ba‘ on the doors. ‘Nale Ba‘ literally means ‘come tomorrow’ in Kannada. And it happened in a positive way. After seeing ‘Nale Ba‘ written outside the homes, the witch started leaving. As time went by, the story died out, and so did the witch of Nale Ba. Surprisingly, at certain places in Bengaluru, April 1 is observed as Nale Ba day.

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