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You Would Be Surprised To Know How Much Bollywood Background Dancers Are Paid!

Bollywood films are incomplete without singing and dancing! They are one of the crucial aspect of entertainment for many. However, these songs and dances wouldn’t be successful without a group of highly trained dancers. Yes, the people, who are known as ‘background dancers’ rock the floor with their mind-blowing performances. Some of them perform even better than the lead actors.

However, many people think that these background dancers are no one but ‘extras’! Well, this is not correct! Since years now, group dancing has gained a lot of popularity in Bollywood. Their treatments, make-up and costumes are way too expensive.
Have you ever wondered how much these hard-working background dancers get paid? Well, you would be surprised after knowing the amount!

On an average, every dancer in the group earns around Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh in a month. However, this greatly varies as per the expertise of the dancer.
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These dancers are no less than mini-celebs! Many of them are picked from dance reality shows. Even though many a times, these dancers aren’t noticed by the audience, they are equally costly and get paid very high!

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