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Times When Celebrities Slapped Others Or Got Slapped In The Face And Made Headlines!

The “Xpose” slap discussion

While the Himesh Reshammiya, Zoya Afroz and Sonali Raut-starrer neglected to awe in the cinema world, the feline battle between the two driving women stood out as truly newsworthy. As per reports, both Zoya and Sonali apparently didn’t get along amid the film’s making. Supposedly, the young ladies had a colossal battle and when things got monstrous, Himesh Reshammiya needed to intercede. The distinctions hadn’t exactly settled between the two when it was asserted that Zoya had slapped Sonali amid the film’s advancements. On the other hand, later, Sonali rubbished the news expressing that it was an attention stunt for the film.

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