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When A Teetotaller Aamir Khan Ended Up Drinking A Bottle Of Vodka For This Movie!

It is not for nothing that Aamir Khan is referred to as Mr Perfectionist. He is meticulous in his choice of films and gives utmost attention to each and every minute detail. However, he believes that this isn’t a suitable title for him and has even said in one of his interviews that he should rather be called Mr Passionate.
Undoubtedly, the script and the character are the God for Aamir of every film he does. And he can go to any extent to deliver a performance that everyone could relate to. One such act of this versatile performer was seen in the 1996 film ‘Raja Hindustani’ which starred him alongside Karisma Kapoor and was directed by Dharmesh Darshan.
We stumbled upon an old interview where the actor recalled how he ended up drinking a bottle of vodka to shoot a particular scene in ‘Raja Hindustani’. Surprisingly, not many would be aware that this was the first time when the actor had consumed alcohol, since he was a teetotaller.
On Karan Thapar’s show ‘Face to Face’, Aamir shared quite a few anecdotes about his life, films and the approach he has towards every character he plays. During this conversation, Karan (Thapar) was discussing about the roles he played onscreen. It was then that he asked Aamir about the drunk scene in his film ‘Raja Hindustani’. He could not believe how Aamir can act so drunk and do it so convincingly onscreen.

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