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Why Don’t Sonakshi Sinha, Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan Retire And Spare Us With Their Nonsense Movies?


We can’t wholly blame on these actors. I mean yes we know that Katrina and Salman both lack the expressions. Yes, the dialogue delivery is not quite up to the mark.

But, the stories and directors are equally responsible for such crap in the movies. We can’t just blame her for the blenders, it is the job of Directors to get the correct expressions out of Actors.Commercially the movies are hit, but the critics are worst than ever. And this is everytime story.

If we talk about Salman Khan, We cannot forget Hum Dil De Chupke Saman. Yes, that was an overly emotional movie. But Sanjay Leela Bhansali, did alot of work to get the correct expressions of Salman Khan. Same Khamooshi again, Sanjay Leela’s master piece.

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Similarly, not upto the mark with expressions, Katrina did surprised with few of her movies like Namstey London, New York and Rajneeti. She is working from the age of 18, one of the successful supermodel. Yes, all the supermodels doesn’t get the acting stint so correct. But, at the same time, if we see whole Indian Cinema, in last 5–6 decades, Actress are just used as Hero’s Arm Candy. And Supermodels are capable of doing that. And the arm candy play will continue to be the same in the Cinema. And She will be in the movies till the time she wants.

Sonakshi Sinha, carries a different story. She is already with the cinema before she started acting. Has worked as Dress/Fashion Designer in few movies before starting off the acting. And Yes, she has manage to make a mark with her acting in quite a short time. Debut in 2010 and if people are actually talking about her in just 5.5 years is one of the achievements in itself. Though, out of her 14 movies including Akira, she did took some wrong decisions. But, she has managed to create a different perception of how an actress can be seen in the Cinema a rebel one. Lootera, Lingaa and recent one Akira are some of the movies that gave a different space to the actresses in Hindi Cinema.

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