Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 14th October 2021 Written Episode: Raghav Refuses To Make Promise To Pallavi

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 14th October 2021 Written Episode: Raghav Refuses To Make Promise To Pallavi

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 14th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on bollywooddadi.Com, Read Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 14th October 2021 (14/10/2021) Written Updates

The episode begins with Raghav contemplates drinking with Esha then he stops his vehicle and emerges from it grasping his hair. He then, at that point, sits close by the vehicle. Raghav’s opposite side comes and asks he committed error right. Raghav says how is it possible that he would do this to Pallavi. Then, at that point, he asks to his internal identity for what good reason he didnt prevent him from doing something like this. His internal identity says when he don’t have control on himself then, at that point, how is it possible that he would will stop him. Raghav asks that he don’t know if he needs to inform Pallavi regarding this. His internal identity says to him in the event that Pallavi finds out with regards to reality, she will walk out on him so it’s better in the event that he doesn’t say to her. Raghav gets vexed and furious at himself. Radiant says to Pallavi that he has some work so requests that Pallavi go to Hyderabad. Pallavi asks the explanation however he tells that she isn’t his mom. Amruta lets Milind know how she found a new line of work. Sharda tells Milind and Amruta that Raghav is protected and gotten back to Hyderabad and they all say thanks to God. Raghav goes to his home. Keerti proceeds to embrace him yet Raghav keeps a separation saying that he is drained.

Keerti then, at that point, asks Raghav where is Pallavi and Sunny. The two of them went to Warangal to look through him. Raghav gets stunned. Pallavi comes there and embraces Raghav and says that she was so terrified of his security and the hours that went is an unadulterated torment for her. Raghav pulls from Pallavi and says he is worn out so he will take rest. Pallavi gets befuddled however embraces him again saying originally let her unwind yet Raghav indeed pulls Pallavi away from him. Pallavi gets confounded and takes a gander at Raghav before she could ask him something Jaya comes there. Pallavi takes gifts from Jaya. Jaya says to Raghav and Pallavi that Keerti told everything to her and thank god now Raghav is protected and requests that he take rest. She likewise gets some information about Sunny to which Pallavi says that Suny told her that he has some significant work there so he remained there and she got back to Hyderabad. Raghav gets stunned.

Bright requests the secretary to tell the name from the young lady who a couple of moments sassed to him. The secretary tells Sunny it’s against the lodging rules so Sunny gives him cash. The assistant says the young ladies name is Esha Madhavan. Radiant inquires as to why Esha’s name is composed close to Raghav to which the assistant says that they spent thre night together. Radiant gets stunned. He then, at that point, tears the paper from the register and gave some cash to the assistant and asks him not to say anything to anybody and leaves the spot. Pallavi serves nourishment for Keerti then, at that point, asks Raghav for what valid reason he isn’t eating anything. She additionally inquires as to why he is acting strange. Jaya comes there and tells that when she went to Tripathi she discovered that her kids’ are getting influenced by terrible time so to kind of she show a puja thing saying once they put this in their passage of the house nothing will influence her kids’ satisfaction and requests Pallavi to do it with the assistance from their laborer.

Esha comes to RR chateau and says to herself after whatever occurred among her and Raghav he can’t disregard her like this and they needs to talk. She then, at that point, sees Pallavi is coming outside and hanging the puja thing which Jaya requested that she hang it. Esha leaves the spot. Bright goes to the house and says to Keerti that their fantasy about having a major house pool playing region everything in it will turn out to be valid. Keerti requests that Sunny not to dream so a lot and returns to rest. Bright contemplates internally that he needs to discover reality soon.

Pallavi awakens in the evening and sees Raghav isn’t resting so she glances back at Raghav who is standing close by the window. She calls him. Raghav lets Pallavi know that he isn’t getting rest so requests that she return to rest. Pallavi goes to Raghav and asks him what occurred. Raghav says nothing. Pallavi explains to Raghav why he is concealing something from her when she knows where he remained additionally with whom he remained. Raghav gets stunned and stressed and checks out Pallavi. Pallavi playfully asks Raghav that he more likely than not went through the night with the vamp which Jaya is alluding right. Raghav gets irritated and reproves Pallavi.

Pallavi apologizes to him and lets him know that she dont need to battle with him on the grounds that the last time the two of them gets into a battle he went to Warangal and trapped in all disarray and she was a wreck. She then, at that point, says that Raghav isn’t just her adoration yet in addition a piece of her existence without that she can’t work as expected. She then, at that point, asks Raghav how about we guarantee to one another that they will battle with one another yet prior to hitting the sack they will figure it out likewise they will trust one another. Raghav reviews his night with Esha so he returns to his bed without making a guarantee which Pallavi asked him to and tells her that he is resting and lies on the bed. Pallavi gets confounded once more.

The following day Amruta meets Esha. Esha tells Amruta as an understudy what she needs to do and what she isn’t. Amruta then, at that point, gets a call from her companion. Amruta advices her companion to admit her affections for the person who is dating another person. After that Esha expresses gratitude toward her which causes Amruta to confound however she grins. Jaya discusses her days is Tripathi. Bright requests that Raghav share his experience about Warangal atleast share with Pallavi. Pallavi reproves him that he will end up being a dad so behave like a mindful grown-up. Raghav leaves the spot saying he isn’t ravenous. Radiant contemplates internally that he needs to discover what occurred among Esha and Raghav that evening and smiles.

Precap: Raghav lets Esha know that she is her previous his present and future is Pallavi. Esha gets injured however leaves the spot. Keerti discusses the news where it composed how a young lady end it all on the grounds that a person didn’t acknowledge her. Raghav gets stressed so he goes to Esha’s home and when he opens the entryway he gets stunned.


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