Meet The Glamorous Air India Hostesses From 60s And 70s, The Golden Era Of Air India

Meet The Glamorous Air India Hostesses From 60s And 70s, The Golden Era Of Air India

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Everything often assists in keeping converting in lifestyles. Earlier, issues had been other than what it’s now. A equivalent factor can also be mentioned for our Indian air hostesses. During the preliminary 60s and 70s, air hostesses weren’t most effective thought to be to be the face of the airways however, had been additionally seemed upon as ambassadors of the rustic. But nowadays with the commercialization of airways they’re seemed upon as most effective flight attendants.

Being an air hostess used to be like a dream task for girls.

Back then, air hostesses would deck up in stunning crisp Kanjeevaram sarees as their respective uniforms.


Indian Air Hostesses From 70s

It used to be a duration of fewer airways and a lot more luxurious.

Indian Air Hostesses From The 60s And 70s

A large number of other folks had been beautiful jealous of air hostesses the reason is they led a glamorous way of life

Particularly at a time when it used to be nonetheless thought to be irrelevant to trip as a unmarried Indian girl.

Indian Air Hostesses From 60s

They used to trip to other locales and are living lifestyles as according to their want.

Indian Air Hostesses dress

In an interview with LiveMint, Suneeta Sodhi Kanga, who labored as an air hostess with Air India from the yr 1988 to 1996 recollects,

“For me, it was travel and glamour. I didn’t even think about the money, till I actually got my first salary. We used to earn very well.”

She additional added,

“Apparently, our salaries then were the same as the MD (managing director) of a company. And let’s not forget that we were being paid in foreign currency.”

Indian Air Hostesses From old days

At that point, being an air hostess used to be a lot more concerning the allure, the high-end way of life and about representing your respective nation the world over.

Suneeta printed that,

“I used to buy my moisturizer from Paris, my shampoo from Tokyo, my conditioner used to be from Sydney. I used to buy perfume on each flight. Can you imagine? Now, I buy one perfume a year.”

Air India Air Hostesses

Earlier, flying wasn’t the rest that everybody may have the funds for.

There had been restricted choices to be had and elite availed the products and services.

Indian Air Hostesses

And it used to be a lot more than mere serving in-flight passengers.

According to Suneeta Sodhi who joined Air India in 1988,

“We also had to know our ‘wine and cheese’ along with a foreign language.”

But sadly, nowadays who don’t perceive the power set in their task confer with air-hostesses as ‘glorified ayahs’ which is totally fallacious.

Air Hostesses of 60s And 70s

Suneeta says,

“Putting a smile on your face and dealing with tired passengers, keeping up with a rigorous skincare routine to keep acne at bay and dealing with improper sleep cycles was hard to deal with.”

Nowadays, the task nonetheless will pay just right however advantages equivalent to trip don’t seem to be as profitable for the reason that frequency of flights has long gone up.

Indian Air Hostesses From 90s

Charmaine Ferns, a former air hostess mentioned,

“The glamour deteriorated after the airline’s nationalization and soon it became about the greed for money, the power for hunger and our fight for equality.”

Indian Air Hostesses in Suit

Here’s a temporary have a look at lifestyles as an Indian air hostess within the early days:

This article is a tribute to all of the air hostesses who had been and are nonetheless making an attempt onerous to serve us with an most effective top of the range enjoy. With time, issues have unquestionably modified a little bit within the aviation trade however from right here, we will most effective glance ahead.