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Sirf Tum upcoming turn: Suhani saves Rajveer from falling


Sirf Tum upcoming turn

Sirf Tum upcoming turn: 

Later on Sirf Tum serial episodes, Rajveer will come to meet Suhani at her place and will be going to tumble from the rooftop yet she will save him. 

The current story of Sirf Tum’s serial rotates around Rajveer making a work of art before everybody at the party and saying that he needs to fabricate a clinic in Mamta’s name which is his fantasy. 

Further, he arrives at the college and saved Suhani on schedule while guaranteeing her that he won’t hit Rishi and others and sends her to her group. 

Presently according to the serial spoiler of Sirf Tum, Rajveer will come to meet Suhani at her place from the housetop and will advise her to zero in on her fantasy about turning into a specialist. 

A short time later, he will appreciate her grin and will be informing her concerning it when he will slip yet Suhani will hold his hand and will save him, as per the tattles of Sirf Tum. 

We should see what will Rajveer do next in the upcoming story of Sirf Tum. 

Sirf Tum

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