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Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele (2021) Star Cast, Story, Actors & Real Name

Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele Indian Hindi film directed by Harish Vyas. The film is produced under the banner of First Ray Films. The cast includes Anshuman Jha, Zareen Khan, Jahnvi Rawat, Gurfateh Singh Pirzada, and others.

Coming to storyline, revolve around Veer Singh Randhawa and Mansi Dubey. Both reveal themselves as gay and lesbian. After a heartbreak, Veer drives Mansi to MCLead garh so that he can unite with her lover Nikki. Thereafter Mansi refuses to confront her sexuality to her parents. This story is all about acceptance, love, true friendship, and truth. It has beautifully handled a sensitive topic like LGBTQ.

Here is Disney+ Hotstar series Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele Star Cast, Actor, actress, story, director, cast real name with photo, Salary & more

Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele Cast Star Cast, Wiki, Story, Actress, Cast Real Name, Release Date

Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele Cast

  • Anshuman Jha as Veer Pratap Randhawa
  • Zareen Khan as Mansi Rawat
  • Ravi khanvikar as Colonel Randhawa
  • Gurfateh singh Pirzada as Akshay Mittal
  • Jahnvi Rawat as Nikki Tsong
  • Denzil Smith as MLA Tsong

Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele Wiki, Story & Release Date

Show NameHum Akele Tum Bhi Akele
Premier on (Channel Name)Disney+ Hotstar
Released Date9th June, 2021
Lead actorAnshuman Jha & Zareen Khan
Production HouseFirst Ray Films
DirectorHaris Vyas
WriterSusan Fernandes
Harish Vyas
ProducerAnshuman Jha
Show Time117 mins (1:57:9)
Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele Star cast, Story, Actors & Real Name

Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele Story

Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele is a Bollywood comedy film co-starring Zareen Khan and Anshuman Jha. It will be streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar from 9th June 2021. The film is directed by Harish Vyas and produced by Anshuman Jha under First Ray Films. The showtime is 117 mins.

Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele Cast with photo

1. Anshuman Jha

Veer Singh Randhawa’s role will be played by Anshuman Jha, a gay. He is shy, quiet and a cleanliness freak.

Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele actor Anshuman Jha
Anshuman Jha

Anshuman is an Indian Theatre artist and a Bollywood actor. He has worked in various Hindi films like LSD: Love Sex Aur Dhoka, Yeh Hai Bakrapur, and others.

2. Zareen Khan

Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele actress Zareen Khan
Zareen Khan

Zareen Khan will be in lead portraying Mansi Dubey, a Lesbian. She is a free bird and loves being messy. She is obsessed with plants. Nikki (Janhvi Rawat) will be her love interest.

3. Ravi Khanvikar

Ravi Khanvikar will be playing a strict Colonel Randhawa, Anshuman’s father. He have that sohisticated thinking that his son can be anything (Murderer, Thief, Robber) but not a gay.

4.Gurfateh Singh Pirzada

Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele cast Gurfateh singh Pirzada
Gurfateh singh Pirzada

Gurfatah Singh Pirzada will be the love interest of Veer (Ashuman Jha) as Akshay Mittal. But due to family and society , he parted his ways with Veer . Then Akshay  got married to Mitali (Prabhleen Sandhu) and indulged himself in an unhappy marriage.

Gurfatah was seen playing Vijay in Netflix series guilty co-starring Kiara Advani.

5. Jahnvi Rawat

Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele cast Jahnvi Rawat
Jahnvi Rawat

Jahnvi Rawat will be seen playing the role of NikkiMansi’s (Zareen Khan) love. Nikki being a lesbian finds shameful to confront her family about her sexuality.

6. Denzil Smith

Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele cast Denzil Smith
Denzil Smith

Will update soon.

7. Prabhleen Sandhu

Prabhleen Sandhu will be portraying MitaliAkshay Mittal’s wife.

Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele Actor, Role, Character & Real Name

Real NameCharacterRole
Anshuman JhaVeer Pratap RandhawaGay guy (Lead actor )
Zareen KhanMansi DubeyLesbian girl (lead actress)
Ravi KhanvikarColonel randhawaanshuman’s father
Gurfateh Singh  PirzadaAkshay MittalAnshuman’s  love interest
Jahnvi SharmaNikki TsongMansi’s love interest
Denzil SmithMLA TsongWill update soon

Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele Director, Producer & other Crew

DirectorHaris Vyas
Producer Anshuman Jha
Writer Susan Fernendes
Harish Vyas
Production HouseFirst Ray Films

People Also Ask

#1. Release date Of Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele

Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele was scheduled to release on march,2020 but due to pandemic it got postponed. It will be released on 9th june,2021.

#2. Who is the Director of Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele?

The director of Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele is Harish Vyas

#3. lead actor’s name Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele

Anshuman jha and zareen khan are the lead actors of Hum Bhi Akele, Tum Bhi Akele.

#4. Who is the producer of Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele?

Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele web series produced by Anshuman Jha under First Ray Films.

The movie carries a social message that love is beyond gender. The man can fall in love with a man likewise a woman can too fall for a woman.

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