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Meet The Real Life ‘Munna Bhaiya’ Of Mirzapur

Right since the drop of the Mirzapur trailer, the audience has gone crazy and simply cannot stop talking about Munna, Guddu, Golu and Kaleen Bhaiya. The personality and the popularity that Pankaj Tripathi carries along with himself made the fans watch the entire series at one go. To give you a heads up, this is a gory and blood-filled gang war between Guddu Pandit and Munna Tripathi to claim the crown of Mirzapur.

However, when reel life is scraped, it is neither Munna Tripathi nor Guddu Pandit who is the actual king of Mirzapur. It is Munna Bajrangi who ruled over Mirzapur, Jaunpur, and regions of Varanasi.

Munna Bajrangi AKA Prem Prakash Singh got embroiled in the clutches of crime at a very tender age. A police case was filed against him at the age of 17 years for murder and possession of illegal arms.

After being released from jail, Munna Bajrangi killed a trader while trying to loot him. After a few crimes hither and yon, Munna joined Gajraj Singh’s gang in Jaunpur. He then joined the likes of Mukhtar Ansari in 1990s and became an extremely intimate associate.

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