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Real Life Story & Release Date of Gujarati Webseries Vitthal Teedi starring Pratik Gandhi

On May 1, trailer of Gujarati Webseries Vitthal Teedi released where Pratik Gandhi is performing a genius gambler role.

Release date of webseries ‘Vitthal Teedi’

Webseries ‘Vitthal Teedi’ Season 1 is releasing on 7th May 2021. It is releasing on Gujarati Streaming Platform Oho Gujarati. It is not clear that how many episodes this series will have.

Real life story of Vitthal Teedi starring Pratik Gandhi

Vitthal Tiddi release date gujarati Webseries real life story photos

Vitthal Tiddi is a character who is genius in gambling. Since childhood, he started playing cards and he became the best card player in his village. But, his mother wanted him to leave gambling forever and move to the city for job. When Vitthal moves to city, he realizes that he is nothing and not even even qualified for any job. He faces financial problems. So, to solve financial problem, he joins bar club to get back into gambling. Now, further story of gambler vitthal will be seen only in webseries.

Vitthal Teedi is not any real person, it is just the fictional series character. Many people thought webseries as a real life story of any gambler. But, it is just a fictional story made for entertainment purpose.

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