Bollywood Movies Based On Cricket, That Failed At The Box Office.

Bollywood Movies Based On Cricket, That Failed At The Box Office.

April 8, 2021 0 By admin

Bollywood and Cricket are two glamorous professions in India. This is the reason that Bollywood stars and cricketers are often worshipped as gods in India.


In this way, this list is a little unique as we gathered some incidents when these two glamorous professions collide.

However, the twist is we are only considering the events when the audience rejected the movies that are based on the backdrop of cricket. Here we created a list of 8 Bollywood cricket movies that have failed miserably at the box office.


In the film, the international career of Vijay Shekhawat (Harman Baweja) begins astoundingly. The film showcases great former experts and cricketers praising Vijay.

In the film we find Sri Lanka’s Sanath Jayasuriya saying “If there is any batsman who can break my fastest fifty world record, it is Vijay Shekhawat.”

Also, there is a line by Waqar Younis which goes like “Allah ka shukar hai mein retire ho gaya, Vijay Shekhawat ko bowling toh nahi karni pad rahi.” Very few films can be as ridiculous as this film was.

Dil Bole Hadippa

In the film, Veera wishes to join the Indian cricket team and therefore crossdress to become veer in order to fulfill her dream. The film showcases a match between team Indian tigers and Pakistani champs.

Indian champs had to chase 214 in 20 overs and they were at 49 in 10 overs but anyway, Rani made the Indian tigers win the match. One appeal during the match was “Howzat Umpire?” The film was a complete disaster.

Awwal Number

This is one of the few forgettable films that Aamir Khan ever did. Indian team after losing the first two matches in a 3 match series is chasing 270 in order to win the Garware shield.

Aamir Khan was able to make 100 in the match, but seven batsmen were already out.

Before the match went to last over, star cricketer Ronnie (Aditya Pancholi), who was earlier dropped for indiscipline, bombed the stadium.

Also, you will see Dev Anand playing many things in the film, he is the BCCI President, the Police Commissioner, and also the brother of cricketer Ronnie. The film was a disaster at the box-office.

All Rounder

Ajay (Kumar Gaurav) makes a century in his very first match and it makes Vikram (Shakti Kapoor) very Jealous. Due to his jealousy, Vikram gets Ajay drunk with a woman friend of his and the whole situation leads to a ban of Ajay to play any professional cricket.

With time Ajay becomes an alcohol addict putting his bright career in hazard. Nevertheless, he eventually manages to come back to the cricket team.

Meerabai Not Out

In the film, when Ejaz Khan proposes to Meera (Mandira Bedi) she replies “Meri life mein Pehle se hi koi hai” . That thing in her life is cricket.

Meera is a cricket fanatic so much so that she plans to play in a cricket match on her engagement day. She becomes the captain of ‘Meera XI’ – her colony team.

Anil Kumble did a cameo in this film who hiccups every time Meera thought of her favorite cricketer.

Chain Khuli Ki Main Khuli

In the film, Karan, a 13-year-old boy living in an orphanage discovers a Magical bat. This bat turned out to be the same with which Kapil Dev scored the iconic 175 against Zimbabwe in the 1983 cricket World Cup.

Some special series of events happen and Karan becomes the youngest international debutant. Seeing the film one wonders if playing cricket is really that easy as it is shown in the film?

Say Salaam India

Say Salaam India showcases a story of four promising cricketers who overcome various challenges and succeed at the school level.

Their introduction to underwear was just too absurd. The movie failed to impress the audience and nobody even remembered the name of the movie.

The Zoya Factor

The recently released Sonam Kapoor Starrer ‘The Zoya Factor’ shows the Indian cricket team having some lucky mascot.

The movie revolves around Zoya who has to choose between her career as a cricket goddess or her love Nikhil who is Indian skipper.

Patiala House

Akshay Kumar played the role of Kali, the cricketer who is from India but chooses to play cricket representing England. It was rumored that the story is inspired from the life event of International player Kevin Peterson.

How the movie failed to impress the audience but critics appreciated the filmmakers’ effort.