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10 Actresses Who Nailed The Bengali Look. Desi Look.

Bollywood has a lot of nifty Bengali beauties that look nice and bold. Bengali beauties have their own distinct charm and look. It is no secret that Bengali beauties have had a Huge influence on Bollywood ranging from Sharmila Tagore to Paoli Dam.

This is why it is so challenging whenever a non-Bengali actress has to play a Bengali girl. However, some divas have accepted the challenge and completely nailed the Bengali look.

It is probably because getting a typical Bengali look is a big challenge as Bengali women have their own defined style. Here is the list of top 10 non-Bengali actresses who nailed the Bengali look.

Ileana D’Cruz in Barfi

Ileana is originally from the south film industry and is very popular there. However, in Barfi she adorns the Bengali look with saree and red bindi. In the film, she was able to convince us that she was a native Bengali woman.

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