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10 Bollywood Stars Who Were Once Heavy Smoker, Amazingly Have Quit Smoking!

If there is good then there is bad too! Everything of Bollywood may look extremely glamorous from outside, but one look at the life of these Bollywood stars, we get to know the real side. Cigarettes, alcohol and more then come into picture. But well, there are a few celebs who have managed to overcome this menace.
Take a look at the celebs who gave up on smoking to lead a healthy life.


Veteran actor Nana Patekar was once addicted to smoking, but after his sister confronted him, he was forced to quit. In one of his interviews he had said, “One day my sister told me that I will lose my one brother soon.” When asked why she replied, “Because you (Nana Patekar) smoke so many , You are not going to live more than 2-3 years.” Since then he gave up smoking.

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