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5 powerful statements made by former Miss India, Tanushree Dutt, that shook social media

On Tanushree’s 37th birthday, we take a look back at 5 powerful statements made by the actress:

Car Vandalism 

When I first filed an FIR, I had told the police a minute-by-minute account of everything that happened. My complaint did not end up in the FIR. My CINTAA complaint in 2008 had every detail of the incident.

Thoughts on society

I am waiting for justice, but I don’t know what kind of justice I am waiting for. The laws and rules in our country are twisted and justice is delayed. People till today did not even take harassment seriously. 

Thoughts on dealing with trauma

Sometimes women need time to deal with the trauma. We shouldn’t ask questions like why not then and why now. Introspect. It is never too late to look at yourself.

Empowering women

I have seen the obnoxious attitude of a lot of women who have come forward and thrashed women who have come out. An average Indian woman doesn’t even have a voice.

Response on #MeToo movement

What is the logic behind calling it an elitist movement? Does it take away the fact that there is an issue at hand? What is wrong with #MeToo being an elitist movement? If we don’t bring awareness, what hope does a woman living in a village and dependent on a khap panchayat have?

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