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A Place Where Exist More Than 5 Thousand ‘Pad Women’

The discussion on the sanitary napkins has become the talk of the town since the release of the first trailer of Padman. In case of providing sanitary napkins for women, Madhya Pradesh is also included in the top states. In Madhya Pradesh, women not only talk freely on this issue but also are working on it.
Saroj Tiwari, who lives in Alipura village of Chhatarpur, has become the famous name in the state. Many officers of the Panchayat Department know her because the sanitary pads created by her committee are sold in all the districts of the state. Saroj tells that she got associated with the Self-help Group in 2010 but she started the work of making sanitary pads in the year 2014. She felt shy in the beginning as it is one of the sensitive topics in the country like us. Her husband is a farmer.
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Saroj is an employee and earns money through the work of sanitary pads making. Like Saroj, there are more than 5000 women who are associated with the work of sanitary-pad making in the state. They all working with Self-help Group. This group is making more than 4 Lakh sanitary pad packets in a month and 1500 to 2000 packets in a day. These packets are further delivered to big malls of the country. These women earn up to 5-6 thousand rupees per month.
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