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During Struggling Days, Anil Kapoor’s Wife Use To Bear Anil’s Expenses, Read Some Interesting Facts About Anil’s Love Story!

Anil Kapoor is 61 years old. He was born on December 24, 1956. Anil’s Love Story, which works in many hits, is quite interesting. In the days of Struggling, Anil Kapoor used to have no money till the taxi fare was given, then Sunita used to spend her money. At the same time, few people will know that Anil, who was uncomfortable listening to Sunita’s voice, had postponed marriage twice because of the advice of friends. Both of them were married on May 19, 1984. Suneeta’s number to Anil was provided by friends …

Anil was the voice of Sunita’s voice
When both of them met, Anil Kapoor was a strangling actor and Sunita was a well-known model. Anil sat on his heart seeing Sunita They wanted to come close to him, but they had no way to reach Sunita. Finally, his friends provided him telephone number. After this both the talks started. Anil, the voice of Sunita’s voice became crazy.
Sunita used to take care of full expenses
Anil had told in an interview, “Talking to Sunita about meeting one day while talking on the phone. They got ready and then Sunita asked how long it would be. Then I said in two hours. Sunita said why so much time, then I said, if I come by bus, then it will take so much time. They said why they are coming, I told them clearly that I have the same amount. Then Sunita said to Anil, ‘Make you cab, I will pay them here.’ After this date, both of the buses and taxis started to walk to Mumbai’s beautiful places. Sunita did not raise objection to roaming the bus after being a well known model. They used to take full expenses of Anil. Eventually Anil approached him and the matter came to the marriage.

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