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From Kareena To Katrina, These 10 Bollywood Actresses Were Publicly Molested.. Saddening!

Kareena Kapoor Khan

During an event in 2013, Kareena Kapoor Khan had to face tampering. Actually, Kareena Kapoor Khan was coming out after the event was over. Then some people in the crowd tampered with them. During this, Kareena became very nervous. Later the bouncers had taken them out safely.

Tapsee Pannu

In the promotional event of ‘Pink’, released in 2016, its lead actress Tapassey Pannu had revealed that she had to be a victim of tampering in Delhi. According to Tapasy, people used to touch and tamper with them in the bus several times during college days. Many times they used to go to crowded places, often people used to keep hitting here.

Katrina Kaif

The point is 2005. Katrina Kaif went to join the function of Durga Puja Committee of South Kolkata. After the event is complete, some people of the crowd have reached almost by removing their personal security and flirting with them.

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Sonakshi Sinha

During an event in 2010, the group of some people present in the crowd did not only pass bad comments on Sonakshi, but also tried to touch her forcefully. This incident happened in the Gandhi Maidan, situated near the Ministry in South Mumbai. However, later Bouncers took Sonakshi from there. Sonakshi was crying after this incident.

Sonam Kapoor

During the promotion of the movie ‘Ranjhaanaa’, when Sonam reached a theater, she had to be a victim of some krazi fan flirting. However, later his co-star Dhanush helped and he was taken out of there.

Gauhar khan

In December 2014, the incident of tampering and slapping with TV host and actress Gauhar Khan was revealed. In fact, Gauhar TV was shooting the Grand Finale of reality show ‘India’s Rockstar’. Then a man named Mohammad Akeel got up from the middle of the audience and came to the stage. He first seduced Gauhar and when Gaohar resisted, he slapped him.

Amisha Patel

The event is from April 2014. Amisha went to Gorakhpur (UP) in connection with the launch of a jewelery showroom. A lot of crowd gathered outside the showroom to see them. When he started going inside the showroom through the crowd, a young man touched him. After this, Amisha, who came in anger, received a slap receipt for him.

Sushmita Sen

A case of flirting came out with Sushmita Sen when she went to the Inaugural of a jewelery store in Pune. When they returned and were trying to sit in their car, only then some people present in the crowd tampered with them.

Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu went to Ahmedabad to promote the film ‘Raj 3’. During this time a man tried to pull his skirt. Not only that, he has once been a victim of tampering in Durga Puja in Mumbai. Apart from this, he had to be a victim of tampering in New Jersey.


In April 2014, Congress leader Gajraj Singh was abusive with Actress Nagma. During the road show in Hapur, Gajraj Singh extended his hand towards Nagma and tried to grab his head and drag it towards him. He jerked the hand of Gajraj with resentment After this incident, Nagma had returned only without show. Similarly, during the campaigning, a young man tampered with him. Then the angry Nagma had slapped him.

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