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Here’s Why There Is No Romantic Sequence Between Ranveer Singh & Deepika Padukone In Padmvati

Turns out there was no truth to these rumours as Bhansali does not want to tamper with the historical facts. A source exclusively revealed to us:

Ranveer and Deepika are not romantically paired opposite each other in the film. There is no romantic song or scene between them in the narrative of the film, even as a dream sequence. In fact, there is no interaction between Alauddin Khilji and Padmavati. This is written history and history cannot be tampered with. Rani Padmavati was a honorable woman, revered even today. Women at that time wore a ‘ghoonghat‘ to cover their head and face. Sanjay Leela Bhansali, as a filmmaker, has always been sensitive towards people’s sentiments and has treated the subject with utmost respect

Oh well, the news is bound to disappoint a lot of #DeepVeer shippers. Altering historical facts has put the reputed filmmaker in a soup before also, and we are sure Bhansali does not want to tread that path again.
Guess we will have to watch re-runs of Bajirao Mastani until their next venture together.


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