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I don’t know if Ajay loves her, as he’s not told me anything, Karisma Kapoor’s Throwback interview

I don’t know if Ajay feels that way about me as he’s not told me anything, Karisma’s throwback interview,

Whenever we looked back into old discussions, talks, statements of Bollywood stars it shocked us with the manner they discussed their private life, affairs or issues without any filters.

Several Bollywood stars spoke lengthily regarding their relationship with their colleagues and co-stars.

At this time, we came across a previous interview of actress Karisma Kapoor in Stardust magazine that she gave in the year 1993, where she spoke about his connection and hearsays with superstar Ajay Devgn.

Not only this, she also talked over her alleged spat with actresses including Pooja Bhatt, Manisha Koirala and Raveena Tandon.

Karisma stated, “You tell me, what was my fault? It was Pooja Bhatt who said something derogatory about my mother and I obviously reacted strongly to that since she had no business talking about her. Manisha (Koirala) called me a mixed-up kid without any reason, so I gave it back to her as well. As for Raveena (Tandon), well she’s herself said that as long as we live, we’ll always have a problem. I really don’t know why she said that since I’ve always tried to sort things out between us. But in the final analysis, what happened? I was accused of being brash and conceited.”

When media people questioned her about her so-called romantic kinship with Ajay, she stated that they are just friends and she has never taken her friendship otherwise.

“Believe me, we’re just friends yaar. I don’t know if he feels that way about me because he’s not told me anything. But I don’t think that’s possible. People are only coming to this conclusion because it’s the most obvious one. Firstly, he saved my life and secondly, we’ve signed so many films together. Some stupid fools have even gone ahead and written that we’re getting married. C’mon, I’m a kid myself; how do you expect me to get married at this age? It’s so funny really. You know Jeh (Wadia) called me up from London and screamed, ‘What’s all this I’m reading about you? Did you get into the film industry for all this?’ he asked me angrily. Now he’s coming down in a couple of weeks’ time. Wonder how I’m going to face him. See, all this tension I’ve to face due to no fault of mine.”


In the end, the actress said that let people take digs or taunt her, and these this will not affect her work or position. She keeps on working hard and earn name and fame.

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