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Mother Fell Down And Her Bone Broke Down But My Father Didn’t Lift Her, This Bollywood Superstar Shares An Emotional Instance Of His Life

Salman Khan’s show 10 Ka Dum these days coming on Sony TV channel. According to Salman’s status, the show is not performing well, its TRPs are getting low day by day but Salman is trying hard to hit the show. He is revealing many shocking things about his life that somehow managing to grab attention.

Recently, something happened on 10 Ka Dum sets, which made people shock as well as made them laugh. Actually, during an episode, Salman asked a question from Bengaluru’s Almas and Mumbai’s Sanskriti, the contestants, “that how many married Indian men have lifted their wives?” and then Salman shared something about his life. He told once his mother fell down from the stairs and got injured. She had a fracture. All the family members were worried and then they saw their mother even after getting a breakage in her bone, was laughing. When asked, she told when she fell down she asked husband Saleem Khan to lift her but he refused.


Saleem Khan said that, if he will lift her he will get a heart-attack. Then the three of the Khan brothers – Sohail, salman and Arbaaz Khan took their mother to the hospital. The audience presented in the show started laughing when he shared this incident.



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