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Woah… This Actress Of Bollywood Is Bahubali’s Favorite Actress

Every person has a crush in his life which he likes very much. Some people get their love for that but some people do not like it. Like a common man, there is a personal life of a movie star, in which he also has a crush which he likes very much. Today we are going to tell you about the secret crush of a superstar who has broken all the box office records from his Agni movie and given the most successful movie of the Indian film industry so far.
The director SS Rajamouli’s movie, Bahubali, has become India’s biggest movie. This film has broken several records after one. With this success of the film Bahubali i.e. Prabhas became a global star. Not only that, his fan grew so much that he also got a marriage proposal of nearly 6000 girls. However, Prabhas had kept himself completely devoted to Bahubali and he was keeping himself away from marriage. But Prabhas himself has revealed this fact that he has broken the hearts of 6000 girls and given the place in his heart.
1 deepikaprabhas
Prabhas, the choice of millions of people in the movie Bahubali, is a favorite of Bollywood’s most beautiful actress Deepika Padukone. This was disclosed by Prabhas during an interview. Prabhas has admitted that Deepika Padukone is her secret crush, which she loves a lot. Prabhas, who gave five years to Bahubali, had said during the promotion of the film that she liked Deepika Padukone and had a film with him. Want to
2 deepika-prabhas-2
According to the media report, Prabhas is celebrating long breaks in the US these days. She has gone to the US with friends. Prabhas returned to India in the first week of June and started shooting for his next movie ‘Saho’. Now the thing to watch is that Prabhas and Deepika get the couple’s fans and film producers seriously. Will we get a pair of Deepika and Prabhas together?
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