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DOM (Amazon Prime) web series Cast, Story, Actress & Released Date

Here is DOM web series cast, crew, wiki, story, cast real name, released date, Cast name with photo, director, and more.

Amazon Prime Present DOM is a crime-thriller Brazilian web series directed by Vicente Kubrusly and Breno Silveira. The show premiered on 4th June 2021 on Amazon Prime. It will be released in Portuguese language but you can stream it in any language like, English, Hindi, Urdu, etc. in this web series Gabriel Leone playing the lead role of Pedro Dom. The series is produced by Conspiracao Filmes.

DOM web series Cast, Wiki, Story, Released Date & cast Real Name

DOM web series Star Cast Name

  • Gabriel Leone as Pedro Dom
  • Flavio Tolezani as Victor Dantas
  • Filipe Braganca as Victor Dantas (young)
  • Raquel Villar as Jasmine 
  • Mariana Cerrone as Laura 
  • Digao Ribeiro as Armario 
  • Laila Garin as Marisa 
  • Isabella Santoni as Viviane
  • Wilson Rabelo as Arcanjo 
  • Ramon Francisco as Lico 
  • Roberto Birindelli as Paulo 
  • Paulo de Melo as Biriba 
  • Jupy Azevedo as Chora Nenem 
  • Ingrid Conte as Jessika 
  • Fabio Lago as Ribeiro 
  • Hilton Castro as  Nerinho 

DOM web series Wiki, Story & Released Date

The web series DOM is inspired by a real-life story, where Victor in his teenage years he discovers from the middle of the sea, and after rescue, he joins the police intelligence service. and Pedro, a handsome boy from Rio de Janeiro’s middle-class family.

When he was a teenager he was introduced to Cocaine and became a leader, one of the most wanted criminals in Brazil. Here we see that father Victor and his son Pedro totally lived an opposite life from each other. 

DOM web series Cast amazon prime
Show NameDOM web series
Premier on (Channel Name)Amazon Prime
Released Date4th June 2021
Lead ActorGabriel Leone  
GenreCrime, Thriller
Language Portuguese
Episode No.8
Produced by Ramona Bakker, Renata Brandao, Breno Silveira
DirectorVicente Kubrusly & Breno Silveira
Writing byHigia Ikeda, Fabio Mendes, Carolina Neves, Breno Silveira, Marcelo Vindicato
Production houseConspiracao Filmes

DOM web series Cast name with photo

1. Gabriel Leone

as Pedro Dom

DOM web series Cast Gabriel Leone
Gabriel Leone as Pedro Dom

2. Flavio Tolezani

as Victor Dantas

DOM web series Cast Flavio Tolezani
Flavio Tolezani as Victor Dantas

3. Filipe Braganca 

as Victor Dantas (young)

DOM web series Cast Filipe Braganca
Filipe Braganca as Victor Dantas (young)

4. Raquel Villar 

as Jasmine

DOM web series actress Raquel Villar
Raquel Villar as Jasmine

5. Mariana Cerrone 

as Laura 

DOM web series actress Mariana Cerrone
Mariana Cerrone as Laura

6. Digao Ribeiro 

as Armario

DOM web series Cast Digao Ribeiro
Digao Ribeiro as Armario

7. Laila Garin 

as Marisa

DOM web series actress Laila Garin
Laila Garin as Marisa

8.Isabella Santoni 

as Viviane

DOM web series Cast Isabella Santoni
Isabella Santoni as Viviane

9.Wilson Rabelo 

as Arcanjo

DOM web series Cast Wilson Rabelo
Wilson Rabelo

10.Ramon Francisco 

as Lico

DOM web series Cast Ramon Francisco
Ramon Francisco as Lico

11.Roberto Birindelli 

ss Paulo

DOM web series Cast Roberto Birindelli
Roberto Birindelli

12. Paulo de Melo 

as Biriba

DOM web series Cast Paulo de Melo
Paulo de Melo as Biriba

13. Jupy Azevedo

as Chora Nenem

DOM web series Cast Jupy Azevedo as Chora Nenem

14. Ingrid Conte 

as Jessika

DOM web series actress Ingrid Conte
Ingrid Conte as Jessika

15.Fabio Lago

as Ribeiro

DOM web series Cast Fabio Lago
Fabio Lago as Ribeiro

16.Hilton Castro 

as  Nerinho

DOM web series Cast Hilton Castro
Hilton Castro as Nerinho

DOM web series Amazon Prime Actor, Role, Character, Real Name

Real NameCharacter Name or Role nameRole
Gabriel Leone Pedro DomA criminal, Victor’s Son.
Flavio Tolezani Victor DantasA police officer, Pedro’s Father.
Filipe BragancaYoung Victor Dantas Will Be Updated Soon
Raquel Villar Jasmine Will Be Updated Soon
Mariana Cerrone Laura Will Be Updated Soon
Digão Ribeiro Armario Will Be Updated Soon
Laila Garin Marisa Will Be Updated Soon
Isabella Santoni VivianeWill Be Updated Soon
Wilson Rabelo Arcanjo Will Be Updated Soon
Ramon Francisco Lico Will Be Updated Soon
Roberto Birindelli Paulo Will Be Updated Soon
Paulo de Melo Biriba Will Be Updated Soon
Jupy AzevedoChora Nenem Will Be Updated Soon
Ingrid Conte Jessika Will Be Updated Soon
Fábio Lago Ribeiro Will Be Updated Soon
Hilton Castro Nerinho Will Be Updated Soon

DOM web series Director, Producer & others Crew

Ramona Bakker, Renata Brandão, Breno SilveiraProducer
Vicente Kubrusly, Breno SilveiraDirector
Conspiracao FilmesProduction House
Higia Ikeda, Fabio Mendes, Carolina Neves, Breno Silveira, Marcelo VindicatoWriting By

People Also ask

#1.DOM web series release date?

DOM is an upcoming crime Thriller web series released on 4th June 2021 on Amazon prime..

#2. Who is the Producer of the DOM web series ?

The DOM web series is produced by Ramona Bakker, Renata Brandão, and Breno Silveira.

#3. Who is the Director of the DOM web series ?

Vicente Kubrusly and Breno Silveira directed the DOM web series.

#4. DOM web series lead actor’s name?

In the DOM web series Gabriel Leone plays the lead role of Pedro Dom.

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