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10 Interesting Facts You Probably Never Knew About Our Very Own Bhaijaan!

The only man in B-town who is literally the most loved and admired for his acting and style. It is genuine opinion and no offense to people who do not like Salman, but one thing is for sure that this man has a heart of gold! We know a lot many facts about his career, personal life and a lot more. But if you are a Salman fanatic you might want to have a look at these lesser-known facts about the most handsome bachelor of the town!
1. He ideally wanted to be a writer before entering the Bollywood Industry.

2. Salman has written movies like ‘Chandramukhi’ and ‘Veer’.

3. This is strange but a true fact indeed that Salman Khan loves to collect various types of ‘Soaps!’


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