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Govinda’s Daughter Is Making A Buzz In The Bollywood World, With Her Beautiful Pictures.

Tina Ahuja is making the world actually stop, with her latest pictures. She is making every second count when she is working. Her last film she worked on wasn’t a hit. But she gave an amazing performance.
Oh, by the way she is Govinda and Sunita’s daughter. She has been growing up with seeing her dad’s stardom. From her childhood getting into Bollywood was a dream. Looking at her dad struggle and even work hard, she became determined to work even harder and make her life easier.
Tina’s cousins are also in Tellyworld, and doing really good. Ragini Khanna, Krishna Abhishek and Arti Singh are her cousins, and with their success and their work experience she is learning and taking baby steps.
Govinda planned to launch her daughter, with Salman Khan. But due to some circumstances the deal couldn’t crack and it lead to various rumours. These rumours weren’t good as it spoiled Govinda and Salman’s relationship. But they say all’s well that ends well. They met in an event ,and cleared all the sparks. That’s why they are known as ” Partners “.
But, Tina Ahuja is working very hard to make her career strong in Bollywood. And we wish her all the luck for future.


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