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11 Most Fearful Horror Movies That Will Not Be Able To See Alone!

7. 1920 (Bollywood)

Vikram Bhatt’s 2008 film, 1920, is also one of the most horror films in the world, Palampur comes with a new marriage, where a soul takes over the body of Lisa and then her husband will take the soul After taking help of a Father to finish Hanuman chalisa recites and the soul goes away from Lisa’s body.

8. Annabelle (2014)

One of the most horrific films from around the world is Anabelle, a ghostly doll comes in a revolving film about two young women and a man’s life, whose life changes after the arrival of that doll, to get that doll out of the house. It’s better to see this frightening ghostly movie even if you are not alone.

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