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5 Awesome Yet Flop Bollywood Movies That Are All Set To Get A Sequel In 2018-19!

Bollywood is not having a very bright year at the box office so far in 2017. While it seems that Bollywood is already running out on concepts and ideas to make good films around, the number of sequels to even the remotely successful films are definitely on the rise. If you have not had enough of the unending chain of sequels then there is more waiting for you in the near future, namely sequels of films that have already flopped at the box office!
The makers of these flop films seem to not had their fill of box office flops and are now willing to risk their money on another film on similar lines.
Total Dhamaal –
Total Dhamaal is in the making even after the mega failure of its predecessor Double Dhamaal which released in 2011. The newest film in the franchise will release in 2018 and Ajay Devgn has come on board as the lead actor in this slap stick comedy.


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