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Bollywood’s Most Dirty Fight, When Raj Kapoor Caught Raj Kumar’s Collar!

Raj Kapoor played the simplest and lovey kind of character on the film screen but, when he would be angry in real life, no one could say anything in front of him. With actor Raj Kumar, he was in a party – and they got into some ugly discussion, which turned into something that is unforgettable in the history of Bollywood.
raj kumar and raj kapoor fought
When the sudden start of the sudden blaze between Rajkumar and Raj Kapoor started, no one could get to know. This happened in Prem Chopda’s wedding party where Raj Kapoor and Rajkumar face confrontation. Raj Kapoor was keen to take Raj Kumar in the role of a magician in his movie My Name Joker,
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But Raj Kumar refused to work in the movie Multistarrer, he said, “If Rajkumar is to be taken, then that film will be only Raj Kumar and Raj Kapoor, Dharmendra and Manoj Kumar will not work.” Rumored by this, Raj Kapoor took out his anger in Prem Chopra’s party and called Raj Kumar a killer. Actually, there was a murder case against Raj Kumar before coming to Bollywood; Raj Kumar also got disturbed by hearing Raj Kapoor’s words And he also told Raj Kapoor a very lame This movie is remembered as one of the most dirty fighting of the industry.

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