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Daughter Of The Dreaded ‘Gabbar Singh’ Of Sholay Is Really Beautiful, See Photos

Whenever there is the talk of the villains of Bollywood, then the name of Gabber Singh of Sholay definitely comes. The film has been played by Amjad Khan in Sholay. Prior to joining the films, Amjad Khan used to perform small roles in the theater. Amjad Khan started his acting career in 1951 with the Bollywood film Naazhanin. After that he also worked in the 1957 Bollywood film ‘Ab Dilli Dur Nahin’.

Amjad had done such a small role in many films. But he got the biggest break of his career from the 1975 Bollywood film Sholay. He got a bigger identity only from this film. This film was directed by Ramesh Sippy who has directed many films like Bollywood, Style, Sita aur Geeta, Shakti, Sagar, Zameen, and Jamana Deewana.


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