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Do You Know ‘Bhabhi Ji..’ Couple Aashif Sheikh And Saumya Tandon Are Unrealistic Pair In Terms Of Age!

Veteran actor Aasif Sheikh who is currently playing the role of Vibhuti Narayan in serial ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai’ has grabbed lot of eyeballs for his great comic timing. In the show, Aasif plays the role of an unemployed insurance policy agent who spends his time doing household chores. His wife Anita (Soumya Tandon) is irritated with him.

Aashif Sheikh started his career with the television serial ‘Hum Log’ in 1985, which surprisingly is the first daily soap drama on Indian television.

After 10 years of struggle in the TV industry, Aashif got his first film. Aashif got the opportunity to work with Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan for the first time in 1995 with the film “Karan Arjun”. Before “Karan Arjun” Aashif did some cameo roles in movies but he got recognizance with this film. After this film he plays negative roles in many films.


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